Diesel Labs brings Content Analytics to the marketing and media industry. With audiences consuming so many different types of media, it's important to evolve the way we think about measuring engagement and interest in that content.

We apply sophisticated machine learning techniques to media consumption and engagement data, illuminating audience preferences across the entire media spectrum. Everything from movies to shows to influencer content to short-form video is measured and organized by relevance. This quality-based approach surfaces new audience information and allows for comparisons to be made no matter the type, format, or source of content - driving better decision making for producers and advertisers alike.


Our methodology

We link audiences to their mobile habits by scanning billions of consumer social media posts about TV programs, streaming content, short-form video, celebrities, lifestyle habits, and even brands. Machine learning algorithms analyze the relationships between these data at scale to discover patterns that help marketers better understand the cross-platform and cross-screen media consumption preferences for their audiences.



For Marketing & Research

Uncover the content consumption habits of your proprietary audience; target your ads within the brand-safe and trending content your audience is engaged with right now.


For ad sales

Uncover brand/product integration and ad placement opportunities through audience lifestyle and brand insight.



Illuminate audience content preferences across all formats and channels to inform portfolio maintenance and development