May 19, 2022

Special report: Q1 2022 Content Intelligence

As streaming services rose to prominence in recent years, a “linear is dead!” narrative took hold in coverage of the industry. That tone shifted this quarter in reaction to the news that Netflix lost subscribers for the first time, and now some are even going so far as to profess that streaming is on the decline.

While these positions are on opposite sides of the spectrum, the reality has always been somewhere in the middle. Audience engagement data tells the story — that the entertainment industry is simply continuing to transform with audiences rapidly adjusting to the changes as we go.

This report illuminates Q1 trends, including a deep dive into share of voice across linear, streaming and theatrical distribution platforms — and you’ll see in the first section that linear is far from the grave. We’ve also highlighted key titles, both brand new and returning, that drove audience attention over the last few months, as well as a look at upcoming content that people are anticipating the most.

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