October 4, 2022

Special report: Fall 2022 TV season analysis

The fall TV season is upon us, and with it an onslaught of new and returning titles. We dove into the data, surfacing trends for both linear networks and streaming platforms, as well as a look at the most anticipated new and returning shows. Here’s a quick taste of what we found, and you can download the full report below. 

This fall isn’t just about the return of old favorites: Of the 270+ total shows analyzed, slightly more than half are premiering for the very first time.


Netflix is a heavy hitter this season, owning nearly 18% of all new and returning shows across linear and streaming. The red giant continues to churn out new content at a remarkable rate: of all the Netflix shows coming this fall, over 85% are brand new.


Of the top ten most anticipated returning series, broadcast networks own five. As of early September, Saturday Night Live was the fall TV show that had the most audience anticipation. Netflix’s Big Mouth was the most anticipated streaming show, while The Walking Dead on AMC was the cable series for which people were most excited.


There are more insights in our full report, including the proportion of new shows by network and platform, new vs. returning shows by linear distribution and more. Click the button below to download!

Note: This analysis is for shows premiering Sep 12 – Nov 13, 2022 and includes both returning and brand new titles that had premiere dates as of Sep 9. It does not include movies, award shows or sports.

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