May 4, 2023

Special report: A review of 2022 Content Intelligence

With 2023 already in full swing, so much has already unfolded in the world of content. In order to make sense of the present, we at Diesel Labs take a look back at data from the previous year in Content Intelligence for clues and insights into where the media industry is headed. We’re pleased to present the 2022 Content Intelligence Report from Diesel Labs!

The report makes sense of major trends and anomalies from 2022, including insights around the biggest shows and movies of the year, the breadth of audience attention across all major social platforms as well as highlighting interesting trends such as the proliferation of the documentary genre and the performance of holiday movies across platforms. We also check in on the “Streaming Wars” with a deep dive into eight of the major streaming platforms, highlighting key titles, both brand new and returning, that drove audience attention over the last calendar year.

Join us in taking a look back into the content past  to illuminate insights in our content future with Diesel’s 2022 End of Year Report!

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