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Anjali Midha

May 26, 2021

Consolidation-Station: A look at WarnerMedia + Discovery and Amazon + MGM

The entertainment world has been abuzz lately thanks to two big announcements: the joining of WarnerMedia and Discovery, plus Amazon’s purchase of MGM. With the consolidation of four entertainment giants into two larger entities, we dove into our predictive media analytics to see how these developments might impact the overall landscape. Read More

March 6, 2019

Content Analytics for media decision makers

Hollywood has long been known as a ‘data-free zone.’ Talented producers and show runners have always been in high-demand, spinning new tales and even developing entire worlds for audiences to love. As we continue marching forward into 2019 and beyond, it’s clear that the ‘content wars’ are upon us, as creative talent is being snapped up by media companies that you’ve heard of and some that you haven’t (yet!).Read More

December 13, 2018

How audiences flow from one content type to another

It's pretty well known that audiences spend a meaningful amount of time watching content outside of traditional TV; in fact, that’s the consumption area that is growing the fastest. Measurement companies that focus on either 'traditional' content OR 'new' content are missing the big picture — because ALL of it matters right now.Read More

February 27, 2018

We've closed our seed fundraising round!

We started this company in 2016 with an idea and a modest innovation grant from the National Science Foundation. And today we are very pleased to announce the closing of our seed fundraising round, during which we raised $950k!Read More