Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Diesel Labs platform?

Go to and enter your username and password. If you are having trouble logging in or have forgotten your username and/or password, please contact

How do I change my password?

Navigate to and click ‘Forgot password.’ You’ll be prompted to enter your email address, and a reset link will be emailed to you. Click the link in the email and enter a new password.

Can I add multiple segment types to a single plan?

Yes! You can select a combination of TV shows, brands, lifestyles, movies, etc. But because the more segments you add, the larger your audience becomes, we advise combining no more than 3-4 segments at a time to avoid diluted (more general) results.

I don’t see the TV show/brand/lifestyle/movie/music that I want to target in the ‘create a new plan’ section.

If you don’t see your desired segment, please email

Terminology on Plan Details page

Channel Name - The formal name of the channel as listed on YouTube; this is clickable for a deep-dive view of the channel contents & metrics deep-dive

Score - Calculates the relationship between your audience and the channel in question; a score of 4 means the audience is 4x more likely to also be viewing & sharing the channel than the average YouTube user

Daily Views - Daily views across all video content within the YouTube channel

Subscribers - YouTube channel subscribers

Facebook - Likes for the corresponding page on Facebook

Instagram - Followers of the corresponding Instagram account

Twitter - Followers of the corresponding Twitter account

How often are recommended channels in my plan updated?

The channels on the Plan Details page are created when the plan is created and are then ‘locked’ for review & plan editing. To see refreshed video channel results for a plan, recreate it by clicking on ‘Create Plan’ from the Dashboard page.

How often are the stats associated with the channels in my plan updated?

YouTube view counts and subscriber/follower counts are updated daily.

How are the trending videos determined? How often are they updated?

The trending videos are updated in real time and are based on engagement activity from the last 72 hours. Please note this means that if you load the page multiple times in one day, the results could vary.

How do I edit a plan?

At the time, editing functionality to existing plans is limited to removing (or restoring) channels listed in the plan. You can remove a channel by clicking the ‘X’ on the far right side, and restore it by scrolling to the bottom of the Plan Details page and clicking ‘restore’.

How do I delete a plan?

Click into the plan you want to delete. Near the upper right corner of the page is a ‘Delete Plan’ button.

Why are the trending videos in my plan different from the listed channels with high relevance?

The Diesel trending algorithm analyzes the last 72 hour period in real-time to rank which videos your audience is watching right now. Your video plan is assessing 12+ months of media consumption behaviors to showcase a stable list of video channels that your audience engages with on a more consistent basis. This means that on occasion trending videos might be listed that are not from the video channels listed in the plan.

Can I export my plans?

Yes, there is an ‘Export to CSV’ button near the top right of the Plan Details, Trending, and Affinity pages. In addition to the information visible on the plan details page within the dashboard, the exported CSV file includes links to the social profiles associated with each channel.

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