“Game of Thrones” is over — here’s what else its fans are watching

“Game of Thrones” Is Over — Here’s What Else Its Fans Are Watching


Last night, millions of fans bid a final farewell to HBO’s blockbuster hit Game of Thrones. As this incredible era came to a close, we realized that fans may be suffering from withdrawal after eight action-packed years. Given our focus on content strategy and analytics, we're measuring every atom of content out there — which means we can provide a unique view of where viewers may want to turn next. We examined the viewers and engagers of the final three episodes of this season to uncover the top shows, movies and YouTube trailers for this audience.

Top Shows

Multiple HBO series make the top ten list of shows, with dark comedy Barry starring Bill Hader leading, followed by Watchmen, a superhero drama based on the comic book series, and The Spanish Princess, a show on Starz.

Most notably is that The Office is also popular among Game of Thrones fans, which is interesting because it justifies the current perspective that it, and other shows like Friends and Parks and Recreation, may be worth their high licensing price tag. It also makes the point that when it comes to who’s winning the streaming wars, it’s not just about who’s making the best stuff right now — some series have an enduring qualities that keep people coming back to rewatch year after year, long after finales have wrapped up (something that’s particularly interesting when it comes to ownership vs. syndication strategy these days, especially for series that have already concluded).

Another interesting point is that before the finale, HBO aired promos for shows that it’s hoping GoT fans will move on, such as Barry, Euphoria and Westworld — but Barry was the only series to show up on our top ten list.*


Top Movies

Although many of the movies that Game of Thrones fans are talking about are action and drama flicks, recent comedy Booksmart makes the list along with horror films Annabelle Comes Home and The Silence.


Top Trailers

In order to get a glimpse at the next wave of content that Game of Thrones fans are anticipating, we also analyzed trailers on YouTube. Topping the list is the official teaser for season 1 of His Dark Materials, an upcoming adventure series based on novels by Philip Pullman, which will air on BBC One in the UK and HBO in the US. Second on the list is Always Be My Maybe, a new movie from Netflix that’s already getting positive buzz around the cast and a surprising cameo in the trailer.

It’s also worth pointing out that the trailer for Minecraft Earth, an upcoming mobile game based on the classic video game Minecraft, also makes the list. So although movies and series dominate, Hollywood producers might be on to something when they consider that gaming could be another competitor to watch out for.


*Based on the promos our team saw when watching the finale on HBOGO.