Content Analytics for the “Jack Ryan” audience

Last Friday, Amazon Prime Video released “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan,” a new web series based on the author’s famous character from his books that topped the New York Times Best Seller list for years. This is particularly notable because traditional TV networks would never drop a highly anticipated new show on a Friday, let alone the one before a holiday weekend. It’s clear that the “rules” for content have changed — Netflix also took advantage of the long holiday (a.k.a. time to binge-watch), releasing the second season of “Ozark” on Friday as well.

We analyzed the “Jack Ryan” audience to find out their content, network, and streaming preferences (versus the average viewer), along with what YouTube videos they’ve been watching recently.



These viewers are more likely to be interested in streaming content (56%) over network (23%), and actually under-index for online video content (-7%). Some of the popular streaming shows include “Disenchantment,” “Bosch,” “Goliath,” “Castle Rock,” and “The Looming Tower,” while favorite network shows are “Sweetbitter,” “Alone Together,” “24Hrs to Hell and Back,” and “Baskets.”

When it comes to movies, topping the list are “Supertroopers 2,” “Mile 22,” “The Happytime Murders,” “Alpha,” and “Skyscraper.”


Here are some of the specific YouTube videos “Jack Ryan” fans have been watching:

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