Trending videos for the MTV Video Music Awards audience

In honor of last night’s 2018 MTV Video Music Awards, we dug into the Content Analytics for this audience. Of note is that online video outpaces linear and streaming TV in a big way: 45.2x engagement with online video content, vs 27.1x for network TV and 5.7x for streaming TV. Some of the brands this audience is engaging with include L'Oreal, Sketchers, Twix, and Reebok, while some of the most engaged with shows are “James Corden,” “Beat Shazaam,” “Drop the Mic,” and Netflix’s new (and controversial) “Insatiable.”

Because of the high volumes of data for this vocal audience, we focused on finding the new music videos that this audience was listening to and sharing leading up to the VMAs broadcast:

Diesel Labs helps marketers identify the video content their audiences care about most, regardless of channel or device. The videos above are just a few that are trending among the MTV VMAs audience — Diesel Labs customers have access to a full library with additional insights. To learn more, please contact us at