Trending videos for the Shark Week audience

Discovery’s annual Shark Week is in full swing so we dived into the content analytics around its audience to uncover insights and see what videos they’re watching online. What’s particularly interesting is that this audience over-indexes for network content (15.7x) vs streaming (5.4x) and video (6.4x). Other highlights we found include:

  • Among the broadcast networks, they prefer NBC content (8.5x) above the others, with the CW coming in last at 4.3x.

  • Three of the top shows for this audience are “Flip or Flop” (34.4x), “Bridezillas” (34.1x), and “Deadliest Catch” (31.3x). 

  • Among streaming platforms they prefer Amazon (4.9x) and Hulu (4.8x) over Netflix.

  • Top brands for this audience include Southwest Airlines, Keurig, Dodge, and Chef Boyardee.

Here are some of the specific videos Shark Week viewers have been watching on YouTube:

Diesel Labs helps marketers identify the video content their audiences care about most, regardless of channel or device. The videos above are just a few that are trending among the Shark Week audience — Diesel Labs customers have access to a full library with additional insights. To learn more, please contact us at