Trending videos for the Nintendo audience

In honor of E3 this week, we took a close look at the Nintendo audience and uncovered some interesting insights, including:

  • This audience prefers online video content a whopping 46x above the average.

  • Among the TV shows this audience does engage with, we have “Castlevania” on Netflix, “Ballmastrz: 9009,” “Robot Chicken,” and “Tosh.O.”

  • Favorite brands (outside of gaming / technology) include Schick, Mountain Dew, Monster Energy, and Coke Zero.

  • This audience is anticipating the release of “Wreck It Ralph 2.”

Here are a few of the YouTube videos this audience has been watching:

Diesel Labs helps marketers identify the video content their audiences care about most, regardless of channel or device. The videos above are just a few that are trending among the Nintendo audience — Diesel Labs customers have access to a full library with additional insights. To learn more, please contact us at