Content Analytics for the “Doctor Who” audience

The most recent “Doctor Who” reboot, featuring a female Doctor for the first time ever, has kicked off to rave reviews. We examined this show’s audience to find out their content, network, and streaming preferences (versus the average content viewer), along with what YouTube videos they’ve been watching recently.


Sci-Fi / Fantasy Fanatics

It’s interesting to note that network, streaming, and online video content engagement all under-index for this audience versus the average, which suggests that they are much more selective with what they spend time watching. These viewers also clearly seek out sci-fi and fantasy content across the spectrum, including shows, videos, and movies.

Here’s a sample of various sci-fi/fantasy themed content that the “Doctor Who” audience is engaging with:


Digging into the top TV shows that this audience engages with, we have “Killjoys” (45.7x) and “The Librarians” (43.3x) in the lead, followed by “Broadchurch” (38.6x), “Lodge 49” (38.5x), and “Humans” (33.7x).  


It’s worth noting that all of these shows have particularly high scores on both Rotten Tomatoes (87%+) and IMDB (7.2+), and have — although perhaps smaller — fiercely devoted followings.


Some of the movies this audience is anticipating include “Mortal Engines” (29.4x), “Christopher Robin” (22.9x), X-Men: Dark Phoenix” (19.8x), and “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” (15.4x).  

Popular Brands

These days it’s increasingly rare to have a hugely popular show on an ad-supported network, and this audience overall isn’t hyper-engaged with branded content. But that being said, several brands do stand out and could perform well with these viewers: Amazon Kindle (11.7x), Coke Zero (6.7x), Magnum ice cream (6.5x), Microsoft Surface (6.4x), and Pepperidge Farm (6.1x).


Trending Videos

The “Doctor Who” audience is keen on trailers, and in particular they appear to be anticipating season 2 of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” (31.9x), “Good Omens” (19.9x) and “Bird Box” (13.1x).


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